Our Story

Hello, thank you for visiting House of Buba. I’m Yomisola, the founder and creative director of House of Buba.

House of Buba was born from a combination of my passion for art, my love for using my hands to create things, my inclination towards technology, and my vision of celebrating my Yoruba culture (and Africa at large), through adding my twist to the traditional fashions and making them easily accessible.

As a woman of African heritage living in the United States, I often have nostalgia for home. It’s a longing that cannot be quelled. Rather than fight it, I decided to learn more about my culture and explore ways to celebrate it. Culture transcends distance and can be celebrated anywhere, at any time. I put my tech background and MBA to work and the House of Buba site was the outcome.  This is my outlet for celebrating Africa.

My aim is to highlight some of Africa’s traditions while celebrating the African woman, making her feel loved and appreciated. Don’t worry brothers, you were not forgotten. Products for males will be featured on the site too.

House of Buba is not just an online store; it is a movement to make cultural stamps worldwide.

To the modern Africans, especially those living in the diaspora, I hope this site inspires you to celebrate Africa in your own unique way, and proudly represent Mama Africa.

House of Buba motto: Be Bold, Be Badass, Be African!